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Bachelorette Party Ideas That Are Completely Alcohol-Free

Because it’s all about the bride, not the cocktail.

Cocktails with tiaras in plastic and sexy strippers are the typical bachelorette celebrations consist of. To some brides-to-be, this is the recipe for the perfect wedding. But, if an alcohol-fuelled evening of fun and laughter isn’t what you’ve got planned for your special event other options are available.

Planning an alcohol-free bachelorette party does not have to be a challenge. Select an event you and your pals are going to enjoy and begin. If you’re in need of a little motivation in the process then you’re in the right spot.

Here are 12 ideas for bachelorette parties that are non-alcoholic entertainment.

Book a Country Cottage

Imagine the scene: you’re with your closest friends in a cozy cottage. Through the windows, you can see the lush greenery of the outdoors. What’s the icing on the cake? It is possible to hear songbirds in the distance. Take a trip to a house with your best family members. Warm fires and homemade meals You can’t go wrong.

Head to an Amusement Park

Are you an avid thrill-seeker who is self-confessed? If so the idea of having a no-alcohol bachelorette party can be a breeze. What better way to plan a day trip to an amusement park in your area? Your group can ride some of the best roller coasters as well as the most thrilling rides. Enjoy a day of drinking cotton candy and enjoying an old-fashioned blast.

Try a Group Cooking Class

Whether you’re an expert at cooking or completely unfamiliar with cooking, this latest innovative idea is sure to be a hit. Making delicious meals with your closest friends is the perfect method to spend an hour or two. Look up a particular kind of class in advance. If you inform the teacher that you’re planning a bachelorette celebration You could get a special reward.

Attend a Show or Concert

When was the last time you and your buddies went to a concert with your friends? If it’s been many years you’re due to correct this issue. Find tickets on the internet and learn about the shows that are scheduled in your region. You’ll be having a great time. an evening and will never forget this memorable bachelorette event.

Have a Camping Experience

It’s possible that you don’t like camping, but you’ll love camping…but what do you think about camping? If you’re staying in a yurt or in a teepee or a tent, this is the most unique option to have a bachelorette event. It is important to get your hands on some delicious culinary snacks before the event. What better way to bring along delicious BBQ food or perhaps some decadent desserts?

Plan a Mystery Night

If you’re a fanatic of crime fiction Why not schedule an evening of mystery with your friends? Wherever in the country, you are there’s likely to be a mystery night happening close to your home. Dress up and become a detective throughout the night. Do you have the ability to find the culprit?

Have a Slumber Party

You were likely a teenager the last time you attended a slumber party. Now is the time to turn things around. Why not organize a slumber celebration with your closest buddies? Everyone can provide some delicious food to enjoy the night chatting and relaxing. It’s possible to organize some activities and contests to start the party.

Try an Adventurous Activity

What do you think about getting your blood flowing? If you’re an adventurer This is a bachelorette party idea to test. Consider a fun activity with your closest friends. You can arrange something exciting like canoeing, abseiling climbing, or rafting. Look over the local options and see the best options for you.

Learn Some Dance Moves

What better way to have fun while learning new dance moves in the process? Participating in a contemporary ballet class together with buddies is an excellent method to have a great time. You will be able to show off your moves and all while in the most professional group. In addition, as a bonus, you’ll be the main attraction of the event when the wedding day arrives.

Hit the Road Together

Do you yearn for an open highway? If you’re suffering from a serious feeling of wanderlust Here’s a bachelorette celebration idea that’s sure to spark your curiosity. Create an excursion with a handful of your closest buddies. You could visit some places of interest or simply explore new spots as you go. Get yourself into the character of Thelma and Louise (minus the criminal gang obviously).

Do Something Crafty

If you’re a naturally imaginative person There are plenty of options to enjoy your bachelorette party that does not involve alcohol. You might, for instance, like to go on a pottery painting class, sketching classes or even attempt to make something. The old saying goes If you can imagine it, there’s a chance you’ll accomplish it. Find classes for groups and make a reservation right now!

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